Redeem Rail&Fly vouchers
FAQs about the redemption of Rail&Fly voucher codes

1. How can I show my Rail&Fly ticket on the train?

You have the following possibilities to show the ticket at the control on the train:

  • as a printout in A4 format.
  • on an electronic display if the QR code is displayed in the appropriate size and is scannable.
  • the ticket can be loaded into DB Navigator using the last name and order number and presented there. This is possible without logging in or registering.

Travel only with the voucher code is not possible.

2. How far in advance can I redeem my voucher code?

The redemption of the voucher code for a Rail&Fly ticket can be made up to a maximum of 12 months [in each case from the timetable change in June and December] in advance and up to approx. 3 minutes before departure. Please note that a seat reservation can only be booked a maximum of 6 months in advance.

3. Which trains can I use?

The Rail&Fly tickets entitle you to travel:

  • Long-distance traffic, including ICE, ECE, TGV, railjet express, railjet, IC and EC trains
  • Local traffic, including IRE, RE, RB, IRE or S-Bahn
  • In selected NE trains
  • In addition, the Rail&Fly ticket entitles the holder to use the transfer partners of the DB and (if applicable, selected) means of transport of participating transport associations and state tariff communities.

For more information on the scope of validity of the ticket, see

Note on train use: Even if you have previously selected a NV or IC connection, the ICE can be used [the ticket is only route-related].

4. How long is the Rail&Fly ticket valid?

The Rail&Fly voucher code entitles you to travel one day before departure, on the day of departure itself or on the day of return and one day after. However, after redeeming the Rail&Fly voucher code into a ticket, the customer is bound to the day of travel. The dates indicated on the ticket are valid. In principle, the Rail&Fly Flex ticket is valid on the day of travel itself and until 3 a.m. the following day.

5. Do I have to stick to the day and time stated on the ticket?

No. Within the validity period, it is possible to travel at different times and on different trains than originally booked, as long as the travel section indicated on the ticket remains the same.

6. Do I have the option to purchase a seat reservation or a change to 1st class coach?

Yes, through your tour operator you have the possibility to upgrade to 1st class coach before redeeming the voucher code.

When redeeming a voucher, DB offers the option of reserving a seat for a fee. For travel exclusively on long-distance trains, DB also offers an upgrade to 1st carriage class. Payment for both services is made directly by the customer via credit card, PayPal or giropay.

Please note the individual cancellation conditions here.

7. What advantages do I have when booking a 1st class ticket?

When booking a Rail&Fly ticket in 1st class, the seat reservation is automatically included. In addition, the traveler with the 1st class ticket receives access to the DB Lounge.

8. Do I have access to the DB Lounge with the Rail&Fly ticket?

Travelers with a 1st class Rail&Fly ticket have access to the DB Lounge.

9. Only one traveler is named on my ticket, although we are traveling with several people. Is the ticket still valid for everyone?

If you redeem several voucher codes and convert them into one ticket, only one person will be named. The ticket is still valid for all persons whose voucher code was entered. Up to 5 people can travel on one ticket.